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The Status Quo Needs The Same Quality

Henan Chong Sheng papermaking equipment Co., Ltd. was founded in 1958

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    Professional Quality Has A Long History

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    Advanced production inspection equipment

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    Product Quality, Industry-Leading

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    One-Stop Service, Worry Free After Sale

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    60 years experience

    Founded In 1958, Registered Capital Of 80 Million Yuan, Is A Collection Of Scientific Research, Design, Manufacturing, Marketing And Service In One Of The Large-Scale Paper-Making Equipment Enterprises.

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    The Company'S Existing Staff Of 672 People, The Existing Provincial Enterprise Technology Center 1, The Provincial Engineering Technology Research Center 1, Physical And Chemical Analysis Laboratory 2, 8 Production Workshop.

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    quality assurance

    The Company Successfully Developed A Leading Domestic Level With 40800/650 High-Strength Corrugated Paper Machine, 3600/1200 Crescentiform Tissue Machine, 2800/600 Long Net Paper Machine.

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    old at home and abroad

    Products Exported To Japan, Germany, Canada, Singapore And Other Countries, Praised By The Vast Numbers Of Users



      Jiaozuo Chongyi Light Industry Machinery Co., Ltd is located in Chongyi Industrial Zone of Qinyang City Henan Province in China, which established in 1958 and formed into a joint-stock company by mo......

    1958Build Factory



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    max万博客户端苹果_万博体育mantbex登录_万博体育ManBetX网页版 - Henan Chong Sheng Paper Equipment Co., Ltd.

    60Years Project Experience

    Committed To Providing Customers With The Best Quality Products



  • Attention to the production of corrugated paper

      Corrugated paper pressed into

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  • The printing holes of white board

      The quality of white board pap

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  • Introduction to white board

      The size of the white board is

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  • The development process of kraft board paper

      In recent years, due to the qu

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  • Process for making kraft liner board

      Foreign production of kraft pa

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  • Printing of corrugated paper

      As far as corrugated printing

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  • Use of corrugated paper

      A corrugated and B corrugated

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  • Introduction of corrugated paper

      The corrugated plate is formed

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